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  1. MediMike- I talked with one of the EM Docs who started the program about 12 years ago. He said they get around 300 post arrests/year. That includes scene runs and flight transfers from outside hospitals. This hospital is the "mother ship" of a large network where these patients get transferred in from, so it's a pretty good set up. He told me that in the future he would like to see PCAS become more popular across the country, but it doesn't seem to be there yet.
  2. MediMike- You're right. Post arrests end up on any ICU and I just said CCU since that's where I've seen most go. Thanks for the correction.
  3. I'm an ER tech (Starting PA school in August) at a large academic hospital where there is a Post Cardiac Arrest Service (PCAS) that receives post arrest transfers to the ER then ultimately ending up in the CCU. I met a PA who is starting on this service in the next couple months where I think he will split his time between the ICU coverage he does now and PCAS consults/research. He told me he will be the first PA that PCAS has had on and the position was sort of "created for him" through his prior work with the PCAS docs. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of positions like this? I'm as
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