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  1. Hey guys, I am reaching out because I was accepted into PCOM and I’ll like to ask those of you who were accepted if you don’t mind sharing your experience with the program and how it is managed. thank you!
  2. Has anyone accepted received any additional scholarships or aid for tuition?
  3. Great, thank you for your advise! I will make a decision shortly and will keep everything in mind. thanks again!
  4. I have officially declined my offer! Sounds like a great program but I chose a different one. good luck to you all!
  5. Hi, thank you all for replying to my post. I am leaning towards attending UCD, my only concern will be the debt but wouldn't a loan forgiveness program help with the repayment of the loan? also, although the program no longer participates in a dual credit, the school itself has a good name, could that possibly provide me with better opportunities in the future?
  6. Hi guys, I had the honor to have been accepted into UC-Davis program, just have a couple of questions that I like to ask. First, what are some of the pros and cons of attending this program? I have read multiple opinions on being under the nursing model that are kind of negative but I am sure that there is also a positive side to it. Also, the tuition is quite high and it seems to be getting higher each year, what is the financial debt like and is financial aid supportive for those that have a family? Lastly, for those that were accepted into other programs, why did you chose UCD?
  7. I am having a difficult time deciding between two schools any current help will be greatly appreciated UC Davis 65 students tuition about 140k 27 months well known and established program Western 90+ students tuition 90k A strong alumni network 2 years long I am having a difficult time deciding where to go, I want to get the best education possible and after look into a loan forgiveness position. thank you!
  8. Awesome, thank you so much for the information.
  9. Thank you for the response. the total tuition is roughly $143,000. I hope that helps.
  10. Hello, I recently had the honor to be accepted into a PA program that is 140K. Although I am excited to start this new journey, I am concerned about the financial responsibilities that it brings. The tuition is quite high and it seems to get higher every year. My question is, at an average, how much debt do students typically end up with based strictly on tuition. Thanks in advance!
  11. For those who turned in secondaries, did you all received an email saying that your application is not complete until transcripts are turned in? Although the directions said that they will get that from CASPA. Just want to make sure! Thanks!
  12. As a second time applicant, I think the best way to handle rejection is to not give up! Keep working hard and improve your application all around. Know that it is not an easy road and that your time will come. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I also got rejected, by that’s ok, I’ve been accepted somewhere else. Good luck y’all!!! Applied 1st week of May Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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