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  1. I also got the call a few minutes ago and have been bawling out since then!! To those that don’t get in, just realize that everything happens for a reason and your time will come!!
  2. I’ll be at the social tomorrow night as well! Though I’ve never been to the social before, I’ve read on forums from previous application years that it is UNEs regular, every day dress code that people can’t wear jeans or leggings and that usually people dress business casual to the social. Personally in this scenario, I’d rather be over dressed that underdressed too. Best of luck!
  3. Hi everyone! I received an interview today for Oct 18th. For those that interviewed, around what time was the interview done at? I am trying to figure out when would be a safe time to catch a flight out. Best of luck everyone!!
  4. I am super confused how people are getting rejection letters already, they aren’t rolling so I thought they did not even look at stuff until after Oct 1st??
  5. Has anyone recieved a rejection letter yet? I paid the supplemental fee mid July and still haven’t heard anything so I think Im headed that way.
  6. Has anyone recieved a rejection letter yet? I paid the supplemental fee mid July and still haven’t heard anything so I think Im headed that way.
  7. Congrats!! I’ll be at the interview as well. I am flying in from Seattle Friday morning and was wondering if you have any recommendations on somewhere that’s cheap but also conveniently located. I heard last year they had stuff at the Redfield campus one day and the main campus the other day so I want to stay somewhere that I’m not going to have to spend a fortune on Ubers
  8. I am considering applying to NAU but I am a little confused, do all of the prerequisites need to be completed before Sept 1st or can you have some in progress?
  9. @sjrack I got the same email, glad I’m not the only one lol. But it was nice to at least get a little update!
  10. Hey guys! So question... I am super interested in applying for Hardin Simmons, but am wondering if I am too late to the game if I submitted my application right now. I have my GRE and my application is already verified. I’m honestly a little confused because on the website it specifically states Our process is specifically designed so that the class does not fill up prior to the application deadline or conclusion of interview cycle. But I’m confused because people have already gotten acceptances??? (Congrats by the way)
  11. This is great to hear!! Pacific U is definitely my first choice, and it’s good to hear they are so devoted to changing themselves. That being said, I am slightly confused about how the accreditation works. Is it possible that they can go back to their continuing accreditation before we would start in 2020? Or do they have to stay on probation for a certain amount of time? Also, I hear that when selecting candidates for an interview Pacific pretty much only looks at GPA. Is there anything else that they look at, or any other ways to stand out as an applicant?
  12. How long did it take for you guys to receive the email asking you to pay the $100 fee? I submitted my application like two weeks ago and still have not heard anything from RVU.
  13. Hey guys! First want to wish everyone luck. Medex is definitely my first choice being from the Seattle area! I submitted both the supplemental and CASPA application on July 8th and am yet to receive anything from MEDEX besides the autoreply. My CASPA was verified in June. Has anyone else not heard anything from MEDEX? Should I be worried?
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