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  1. I have a book from CME for life which is a bullet point reference... but I havent needed it and I've been in a sub specialty for years. One question I got wrong I believe was written incorrectly and the other one I read incorrectly.
  2. PA [Insert name] was used in the prison system. Obviously they are trying to portray a militaristic type of staff.... Its very cold. Your reviews, compensation and potential legal issues are all tied to how much patient's like you. I'd much prefer they just call me by my first name. ps.. Im doing the PANRE pilot program...there is an obscene amount of GYN questions.... how many questions re vaginal discharge do you guys really need to ask.... half joking
  3. You need to get out of UC and FP. They are miserable fields unless you work with supervising docs that will straight up tell patients they dont care how they feel, this is the correct treatment....thats rare now and basically all UCs and FP are drive through medicine. Try a different specialty.... the specialties where patients actually need real help are typically the best, because you get less BS costumer service demands.
  4. TN in June? Idk thats pretty hot, and Im not a fan of country music. Actually I start prior to june so Idk Id like to get more now
  5. changing specialties. Need info that you would give a PA Student basically as if they were starting a rotation. Need to learn everything I can
  6. based on your presentation this is likely viral. Im not Rxing a AB because it does not kill viruses and can lead to side effects. If your unhappy you can seek medical help with another provider. If your symptoms get worse you should be seen again.
  7. I love when patients dont want to listen. I think they expect me to convince them....They give me the shocked face when I tell them they are free to see another provider, have a nice day
  8. I dont, but my fiance is sick like 70 percent of the time in family practice
  9. coming from unrelated specialty, I need sources to study and what to focus on. Part surgery, part inpatient, part outpatient
  10. our hospital has started a ladder pay grade now which is similar to the nursing ladder. the only way to advance up is to get higher degrees and publish articles. It literally has nothing related to patient care or skills. But hey, enroll in a masters or Doctorate program and you get a pay raise for literally no skills related to patient care. needless to say I'm leaving to start a job at a competing hospital down the street for more money, a sign on bonus and my current employer owes me 270 PTO hours they have to pay me
  11. people claim DFW, Michigan, NC are saturated. PA is saturated as far as decent jobs unless you want to live in the middle of pennsyltuky
  12. two of our best students were resp therapists. Rad Tech and Resps seem to be a significant portion of actual medical trained students outside emts and paramedics
  13. I literally cant afford this lol. I cant even afford to go back to get my masters and now we gonna push for useless alphabets. im so tired of this, i was born 40 years too late. I just wanted to treat patients. If I had any usable skill outside of medicine I'd quit today.
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