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  1. I just did a quick read- first and foremost, I see you using "physician's assistant" which to me is a huge red flag. You alternated, but make sure you use the correct term- physician assistant. I think you can significantly cut down on the first two paragraphs. I understand you're trying to convey a story and touch up on the team based aspect of medicine. But you can easily go from laura taking time to hear your complaints, and then to discussing results to assure you. It doesn't matter who is reading and interpreting. Paragraph 3- I am a bit confused as to how your degree change pertains to why you want to be a pa, why are you disadvantaged? Conclusion- I would cut down on wanting to work in private practice and go straight into your desire to work in medically underserved areas. Also, are you planning on applying to schools with primary care focus? Because this will be going to all programs, and my best guess is that a school which promotes primary care may not like your choice of specialties in there and your chances may be limited. I am hoping another user can comment on this because I myself am torn in between you being honest, or just not putting that information in there at all. Again, super quick read and sorry if I rambled. FWIW, I didn't have the best stats applying to school, and I think my personal statement played a huge role in my role in my acceptance so I think it's super important
  2. I used the Kaplan review book, along with the 500 flashcards (barely did like 100 words though so wouldn't 100% recommend it!). I also got the Manhattan 5 pound GRE book. Before studying, I was scoring 300. After about a month of studying, I was able to score 316 with those resources! I realized my problem was not being fast enough with the math (hellooooo algebra was how many years ago?) so practice definitely helped! I personally don't think getting a high GRE score is super important, especially if you already have well rounded application. Just try to aim for 300!
  3. I'm not a PA, but I was accepted to PA school and will be starting this year! I volunteered in surg where I was fortunately able to watch many procedures, some of them being burns. If I remember correctly, the temperature in the room is much higher. What if that made you feel nauseous? You're still young and maybe you'll get used to it with more experience! I remember I hated watching my first LP when I worked in emergency. After the second one, I couldn't look away! Bottom line: I don't think it's worth throwing away your dreams over one incident. Use it to grow!
  4. My timeline was very similar. I took GRE in early April, and started on personal statement a week before CASPA opened. My LOR writers were notified of my timeline 1 month in advance, and had their letters good to go. I did slack off a little due to work and my nerves of finally submitting, but I had everything wrapped up by the first week of June.
  5. hoorayPA

    CASPA Transcripts

    Thanks! I was able to contact the school and they said not to worry about it!
  6. Hi guys! Are any of you out from out of state? I will be moving from California to Miami, and me being super excited, I'm already trying to look at apartments, but not sure of where to narrow down my search.
  7. hoorayPA

    CASPA Transcripts

    I submit my CASPA early June, and at that time I still had summer course in progress. Now that I finished it, is it possible to still send the transcript? Asking because I have a secondary application which will be taking transcripts from my CASPA application, but obviously this one won't be there
  8. I literally was checking the forum and was wondering same thing! At least I can stop obsessively checking my email maybe until next Tuesday lol
  9. I hadn't actually received the "Your application is currently being processed and is awaiting Admissions Committee Review" email until yesterday!
  10. My stats actually aren't that great, hope this gives everyone some hope though! Overall and science GPA ~3.28, with upwards trend my last 2 years in undergrad GRE: 161 verbal, 155 quant 1200 hours as ED scribe; 500 as MA/scribe in dermatology Currently working as MA/scribe in hematology and oncology office (so I currently have over 2000 hours) 500ish volunteer hours Submitted app 6/3
  11. did anyone get an email from Loma Linda asking to verify current PCE and shadowing? Unsure if this was a good sign or not
  12. LauraJean, I'm very sorry to hear that. I'm sure there's a program out there for you, especially with your stats! If you don't mind me asking, were you rejected before or after interview? I've applied since mid June and haven't heard anything back yet...
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