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  1. I feel the same way. I want to apply to this program very much but don't want to waste my money if they will automatically reject me because I don't have an "academic" LOR. Hopefully someone else has some helpful insight!
  2. I got my rejection letter already. I am very bummed because UOP was one of my top choices and I am not sure why I was rejected so soon! So it is a good thing you haven't heard anything yet after that email good luck!!
  3. congrats on receiving an interview!! Would you mind sharing your stats?
  4. Is anyone else running into the issue of having classes from schools on the quarter system and some only being 4 units? If so, what did you do about it? I never thought taking classes at a university on the quarter system would put me at a disadvantage. The majority of classes are not 5 units! Thanks!
  5. I still haven’t received the email, but just looked at the online portal and have those relieving green check marks and it says my application is received and under review. Make sure you keep checking the portal as well!
  6. Who did you call? Thinking of doing the same thing. You’d think we would all get an email at some point (they requested the secondary from us all and we paid) but also slightly strange as the majority on this forum haven’t received it yet.
  7. Anyone else feel kind of weird mentioning faculty/staff most looking forward to working with when we (I am assuming most of you feel the same way) don't know much about them? I read about them online but seems like I am just saying it because the prompt asks me to. I am debating just cutting down my CASPA essay and possibly adding in a few specifics about Davis itself. Anyone else feel the same way?
  8. Aw bummer! I have to leave Friday after the interview to get back for work on Saturday. If anyone else will be there on Thursday let me know!
  9. Hello everyone! I will be interviewing on 11/2 and am very excited. I will be coming from California Bay Area and will be by myself. I am flying in on Wednesday night and am wondering if there is anyone else in the same boat who would want to meet up on Thursday sometime? Let me know!
  10. Hi guys! I am interviewing on the 16th as well. Are you going to meet at old soul still or go to the meet and greet at lowbrau? Would love to meet everyone!
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