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  1. I agree with @rev ronin. I work as a lactation consultant. This is the first CASPA cycle for me. I applied to 3 schools, and interviewed at two. At both my interviews they were genuinely very interested in my work and had lots of questions about what I did. One of the interviewers said they had never seen this as PCE before and was telling me how valuable LC’s are and what a great skill it was to have, it made me much more relaxed. Bottom line is something different makes you stand out.
  2. So sorry ? Do you remember when you submitted? I still haven’t heard anything.
  3. @LMDonahue I just got the same email. I submitted to CASPA the last week of July or so. Looks like we’re probably in their second wave or something.
  4. Wondering if this is competitive or even counts as PCE. I work as a nutritionist for the department of public health with underserved populations. I am in either an office or a community health center. I do anthros, hemoglobin checks, diet recalls, and education/counseling. As part of this job I am also an IBCLC. As a lactation consultant I provide very advanced breastfeeding support. I help moms through mastitis, tongue ties, clefts, supply/weight gain. Both are very hands on but I’m just not sure if this is competitive enough. I have about 10,000 hrs here. I also have about 800 hours of other PCE and some PA shadowing. My sGPA is 3.32, overall 3.5 and a 4.0 post bac where I took all my pre reqs (micro, bio, chem, anp 1 & 2, etc). Any advice where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Congratulations on your interview! I’m not really concerned about the status. I’m sure they are doing everything possible to fix the problems identified. Do you know how long it was between when you received the portal email and your interview invite?
  6. Did you interview the 16th or 17th? Still haven’t heard anything ?
  7. Anyone from the 8/16 or 8/17 interviews hear anything yet? I’ve probably checked my email 100 times today ?
  8. I was verified on CASPA 8/3, got an email that I was on the interview waitlist on 8/9, then 8/12 got an email that there was a spot to interview for 8/17! So the interview waitlist is moving! Good luck!
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