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  1. Your stats look exceptional. I think you having your MS/RD should really set you apart from other candidates. I would say start prepping for interviews so you’re ready. If you don’t get in this cycle, which I would be surprised, I would have people read over your personal statement and make sure you’re applying strategically to schools you are well matched to.
  2. Thanks for the tips! Those were all on Spotify!
  3. Hi everyone, I’m starting my PA program in about a month! I currently have a 2 hour commute for work and was looking for suggestions on a podcast to listen to so I can start to get my feet wet. Is there anything out there that won’t completely go over my head?!
  4. I completed it a few months ago, feel free to message me.
  5. I just got off the waitlist from an application last cycle. Interviewed in November 2018 and starting next month! I know several people who have gotten in off the waitlist. My best advice though would be to keep working to improve your application for next cycle. You don’t want to get to April having to reapply and have nothing to add.
  6. I just gave up my interview for 10/6 because I got in to my top choice program, hopefully this will open up a spot for someone!
  7. I was just about to post too! I was a little confused by it as well, but yes I got the same email!
  8. I work full time days and have been taking classes at a local community college in the evenings. I think that’s the best way to go. It’s hard and there are long days but I did it while pregnant and then with an infant/toddler so it’s doable. Programs I’ve looked at don’t seem to mind if it’s a CC but many do not accept certain classes online.
  9. I found this article to be very helpful in my rewrite. https://beaphysicianassistant.com/blog/upgrade-your-reapplicant-pa-school-essay
  10. I’m not too framiliar with them but you could look into the programs that are combined BS/PA.
  11. Hi everyone! I am working on filling out my CASPA application and had originally put my hospice volunteering as HCE but have since seen it listed as PCE in a few places. Wondering what the consensus is on here?
  12. Has anyone from the waitlist heard anything? Not looking forward to restarting CASPA
  13. I agree with @rev ronin. I work as a lactation consultant. This is the first CASPA cycle for me. I applied to 3 schools, and interviewed at two. At both my interviews they were genuinely very interested in my work and had lots of questions about what I did. One of the interviewers said they had never seen this as PCE before and was telling me how valuable LC’s are and what a great skill it was to have, it made me much more relaxed. Bottom line is something different makes you stand out.
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