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  1. I received a call yesterday from Dr. Lohenry offering me a seat! I was originally placed on waitlist after my interview in December. So exciting!!
  2. I received a call today extending offer of acceptance. I have declined as I am going to attend another program closer to home. For those interested, I was waitlisted at #29 originally. Good luck! (edit: I was waitlisted at #29 on 12/10/18. I was last notified of my waitlist position on 2/21/19 and it was #10. Sorry for any confusion!)
  3. She did not give exact dates or numbers, but did mention there were interview dates in February. She said everyone should hear back around March-April if not sooner. I didn't write this down so if someone else was there and corrects me, please defer to them. I went to the interview session on January 5th. I would say there was a large group of interviewees there and ~50, though I did not count.
  4. I went to the Open House this past weekend. Trina said there were 1800 applications this CASPA cycle and that approximately 200 interviewees were being invited.
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