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  1. I did follow your advice and was allow to Get a quote for an occurrence based policy this forum is a blessing Once again thank you!!
  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for your advice!
  3. Hello, I was offered a job where The physician will cover my malpractice insurance, However (I won’t be under the physician’s malpractice policy. when I asked why I can’t be under his policy, He said he already had others PAs under his policy and that I needed to get my own, but he will pay for it) As per the contract It is stated that In the event this Agreement is terminated at such time as you have a “claims-made” medical malpractice insurance policy in effect, you hereby agree to: continue to maintain, at your sole cost and expense, the “claims made” medical malpractice insurance policy with such insurance carrier as the P.C. may designate in its sole discretion. Is there any disadvantage when you are not under the PC malpractice policy? Is there a limit of PA’s that can be under one physician’s malpractice policy? Do this mean that I will be an independent contractor? Thank you, any help will be greatly appreciated
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