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  1. It's probably posted somewhere, but I can't find it.. Does anyone know when the program begins exactly in august or found a calendar online ?
  2. Hey everyone! I sent my official transcripts to the program after the acceptance, but never got confirmation they were received. Did anyone get a confirmation email yet?
  3. @Isabel @RadTechS Yeah I'm sure II are done. Just weird because last app cycle I was moved to secondary but it took a couple of weeks.. And it seems UF usually rejects quickly
  4. I applied in July and haven't been informed of anything yet ( no secondary eval or II).. Just wondering if anyone was in the same boat..
  5. Got a call today from the Miami campus offering me an invite... to their open house. So many emotions in one phone call...
  6. For those that are accepted, have you received notification of when classes begin? The school itself starts on the 7th so I’m assuming it’s the same for the program? Thanks in advance!
  7. Yes, this was what I had imagined but just wanted to ensure.. Thank you!
  8. For those who have been to an interview.. Just curious, did the religious aspect come in to play during the interview/day?
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