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  1. Such an amazing program. Congratulations to all who were accepted!
  2. I just received an interview spot! I'm so excited!!! Any insight into the interview day? Also, I scheduled my interview and received confirmation, but the portal still has a tab for me to schedule interview-I assume it will be updated later. I just want to make sure I don't miss anything
  3. I applied late July and received the continued consideration email around September 27th. So far no more communications, hopefully this means there's still a chance for an interview
  4. Anyone else still waiting to hear? I'm wondering if I should call to check.....
  5. Congratulations to all who received acceptances! Fingers crossed more offers will be coming
  6. For those who received this email, did you interview? Do you need to apply to the other program or do they automatically forward your application? Anxiously waiting for some response from MCPHS.....
  7. @teamsleep Congratulations! You obviously have wonderful credentials, have put in the time and are dedicated to the PA profession. You're going to be an awesome provider! Thank you for the great suggestions, insight and honesty you brought to the forum. Well done!
  8. For the first day it states business casual, for those who have interviewed what did applicants typically wear? I was thinking either dress pants and a nice shirt/sweater or a dress. Is this too casual?
  9. Good luck to those interviewing!! Just curious, when did you submit your application?
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