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  1. Hey guys! I'm super excited to start PA school in May 2019! With that being said, I'm curious to know what your favorite books are to prep for the exams/PANCE? Some of the first year PA students I've talked to recommended Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, Blueprints Medicine, and PANCE Prep Pearls. I'm keeping these suggestions on the back burner until PA school starts & if I need some additional information. I would appreciate any other recommendations, thanks!
  2. I applied in June & was just given an interview invite. From the phone call, they said there are only a few interview spots left.
  3. I interviewed back in November, and here are some great tips on what to expect. Pre-interview day You'll meet some of the 1st year students if you plan to go to the social the night before & they're more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the program. Attire is casual, you can wear whatever you want. If you have extra time, find out where exactly the building is on campus. My GPS failed me on interview day & I ended up on the other side of the campus. Interview day Eat breakfast at the hotel/bring some snacks. LMU did provide some snacks, but it wasn't sustainable for the whole 6-7 hours that you'll be there. Lunch is provided. Also, take in account that it will probably snow the night before which will take more time for your car to heat up. If you're staying at the hotels, start your car around 7:20 if you want to be there by 7:45. On interview day it's business professional attire and I would recommend a jacket for the mini campus tour. The day starts off with mini introductions of the interviewees (name, where you're from, something interesting about you) and the faculty. There are presentations about the didactic/clinical phases, student presentations, & financial aid information. Each interviewee will also get a packet with this information. There are 2 interview sessions (morning and afternoon) along with a 20 minute writing assignment after lunch. On the back of the interview schedule, you will be divided into 5-6 groups. This is how your group order is placed for the morning and afternoon interviews. There will be 2 interviewers with 2 questions each interview. Most of the questions they ask you are situational, so you can make it personal. One good advice I've gotten from a 1st year is to branch out to explain personal ideas/experiences to back up your answer(s). After the morning interview, there is a "laid back" period. Feel free to talk to your morning interviewers, other interviewees, or introduce yourself to your afternoon interviewer. As for the 20 minute writing assignment, I would reflect on what made you want to pursue this profession. After your afternoon interview, you're done for the day. I ended mine around 2pm. *****The people who are interviewing you have never seen your application. They do not know what your GPA is, GRE score, HCE hours, research, etc. The only information they know about you prior to the interview is what you share during your mini introduction. They already know you have what it takes to get through the program because you've received an interview. The faculty is super genuine & want the interview sessions to be an opportunity to know their future students. Knowing this would have helped ease my nerves prior to the interviews. Post interview The admissions coordinator was extremely fast on letting you know of their decision. I interviewed on a Friday, I found out Tuesday morning. If offered a position, you will have to pay a $500 seat deposit that goes toward your tuition. There is also a Facebook group page created for the LMU-DCOM PA class of 2021 so if you're accepted, feel free to join and get to know your future PA family! If you have any other questions, let me know. Good luck to all on upcoming interviews!
  4. cGPA: 3.68 sGPA: 3.58 , GRE 310 , majored in Biology with 2 minors in Chemistry and Psychology Healthcare experience: Patient care tech (CNA) on Neuroscience (~3,400 hours/2.5 years) ~80 shadowing hours of multiple healthcare providers, ~260 volunteering hours, multiple leadership roles through Pre-PA club, tutoring, & greek organization To all those who are getting discouraged, keep on hustling. The many rejections I have gotten on my first attempt last year lead me to these stats & 2 interview invites thus far this year. I promise if you keep hustling, you'll get in!
  5. Invite to interview January 11th! Ahhhhhh, super excited!!
  6. For those who have an interview next Friday (November 16th), would anyone like to meet up before the mixer with the current students?
  7. I plan on going to the dinner in casual attire, maybe a dress w/ jacket or some dark-wash jeans & a nice top, and business professional on interview day! Also best of luck to those who are interviewing in 2 days! Hope you guys kill it!!
  8. I don't think it's a bad sign that they haven't reviewed it yet. I submitted 08/15 & Garrett said it would be around the beginning of November before they could review mine so I would continue to call every 3-4 weeks to see if your app has been reviewed and given a decision. Best of luck!!
  9. Wow, congratulations!!! I love your dedication/work ethic and you really deserve to be a PA (and you'll be a wicked great one at that) Again, congratulations and best of luck in PA school!!
  10. Best of luck to everyone who got an invite! And for the people who are still waiting, keep on hustling!!
  11. Last cycle, they didn't send rejection letters until May. Based on if they are still doing what they did last year, they have interviews almost every month until then. If you applied to the Nashville campus, the admissions representative can tell you if they have reviewed your application & given a decision. I'm not sure if Knoxville does the same.
  12. I spoke with the admissions coordinator & she said that all initial interview invites were sent out. So theoretically everyone who didn't get an invite are on the waitlist to interview and if someone declines, they send out more invites to the next ones in line. We still have the rest of this month to get a potential interview!
  13. I got an interview invite for November 16th! So excited to see everyone who's interviewing that day as well!
  14. I applied mid August for Nashville, early June for Knoxville. I was getting discouraged too and that's why I called Garrett to see if they even reviewed it or not. Good news: they haven't reviewed it yet so there's still a chance! Bad news, it would probably be until January or later for an interview. PM me if you have any other questions!
  15. I called Garrett to see if my application was reviewed yet. Unfortunately Garrett said that my application probably won't be reviewed in time for a potential interview in November. Next interview dates are in January, February, and March.
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