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  1. Hopefully things will start moving for us waitlisted folks now that AACC has sent out their decision letters...
  2. Question for any current students! I heard that PA students at Dominican take an exam mid-program that is supposed to be indicative of PANCE success rates. Does anyone know how the student body has performed on this exam?
  3. Man, it's silent in here! Does anyone have any news? Upcoming interviews? Acceptances/Declining offers?
  4. Hello! I have a question, I am curious your thoughts on the tuition cost of Dominican. It is a newer program yet has a pretty steep cost. Is this ever discussed within the program? Do you think it is worth the cost of tuition?
  5. Does anyone know is the next interview date / How many more interview days there are going to be?
  6. Did everyone who did the supplemental application have to send in college transcripts to Towson? Seems a bit strange to have to do it again after already sending them to CASPA. Do we have to submit all transcripts? (i.e. transcripts from universities where I may have just taken an online class).
  7. That's great news! Was this packet handed out at the interview day? Got supplemental today and really really want to get in :D
  8. That makes sense! Thanks for explaining it a bit more for me, I appreciate it.
  9. Wow! That is very intense, so you pretty much have to rule out the possibility of any schools on a more traditional PA semester schedule.
  10. Once you hear that you are accepted, how long do you have to decide? I'm a bit concerned since other school's interviews may not be taking place until later this year! Thanks!
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