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  1. Congrats! Do you mind sharing with us your personal stats (GPA, HCE,...ect)? Sounds like you were a very competitive applicant and worked really hard!
  2. Congrats on everyone accepted and wait listed. Can you share some info on what you think helped you get accepted? What was your gpa and patient care hours?
  3. Thank you! I hope your interview went well! Now we wait!!
  4. I interviewed this last weekend. I was stressed and scared before going. However, it was not stressful at all. You have nothing to worry about and the writing portion I thought was easy.
  5. I did too! Good Luck! Do you know anything about the format of the interview or if there is an essay?
  6. I know this is old but does anyone have advice for applicants this year?
  7. I, also, have not heard anything and submitted late August.
  8. Kettle can you share your direct patient care hours? I applied to UND but saw on a PA site that average hours is 6,000.
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