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  1. Does anyone know the process of switching tracks? Is it based on who you know that is willing to switch or is it based on a ranking system?
  2. Congratulations everyone! I got accepted to the 3 year as well and would prefer the 2 year if anyone wants to switch! Let me know.
  3. Did any of you guys get a packet in your email if you were accepted? Some people stated they did but I have not received it yet. Did anyone else not receive one yet?
  4. no way, there is more than 1 interview date and the ones that already got a call for interview are the ones set to interview for today
  5. I have a friend that is not part of the 5-year program and was invited for an interview this upcoming Monday. I wonder if they do 5-year students first & by application submission date?
  6. I thought the last interview date was in February? I was part of the last group and they indicated that at the interview. So confused!
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