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  1. Received confirmation that my app was received!
  2. It is accreditation provisional because it is a new school!
  3. Did you get an email or through the mail?
  4. I am interviewing this friday, November 22!
  5. How soon after the interview did people hear about acceptances?
  6. I just got an interview invite!! How was the interview for the people that have already had their interview?!
  7. Did every one get the email about crating an account starting on November 18?
  8. I also have my degree as a med tech and had an interview the first round of interviews!
  9. I took it for another school and just sent it to Concordia as well because there name was on the list
  10. Maybe this year they are having everyone take the CASPer test. If you go the email, I would say just sign up for it!
  11. If you took it in July, go to the CASPer website and make sure it was delivered to Concordia. If it was, then you should not have to worry about it.
  12. June 19, but i sent in my supplemental closer to the August 1 deadline!
  13. Just got invited to an interview of September 27 too!
  14. I got the email from MBKU to pay the supplemental fee, but the website they gave me did not work... Did this happen to anyone else?
  15. Looking at previous forums, it looks like they didn't send out interviews until the second week of September! I wouldn't reach out to them, especially if they haven't sent out any interview invites yet.
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