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  1. I don't think so. they said it could be up until January until we heard back
  2. Did they say when you would hear back and how many more interviews they are having?!
  3. Wanted to clarify that it is not actually MMI! It is just different individual interviews, but very traditional questions!
  4. I interviewed last cycle and was waitlisted! You met with different people individually and they all asked different questions! Very laid back!
  5. I will also be sending out an email to ask how I can improve my chances next time around.
  6. I’m hoping groups/batches because I haven’t heard anything yet!!
  7. Just curious what you said when you called and what number you called?!
  8. I'm guessing they aren't sending out rejections, acceptances, or waitlisted until after their last interview which is monday
  9. Based on their email, it sounds like they aren't sending out invites until December.
  10. Ive heard that they only send out a few early acceptances after each interview.
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