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  1. I interviewed on 10/31 and was rejected, but in the mean time accepted to my top school! Good luck to the rest of you waiting to hear back and interviewing!
  2. I had the same issue. It takes about 24 hours for your account to be created/updated. So once you log back in the next day it’ll have an area for you to pay your deposit! Where it says for you to “apply today”, that’s where it’ll say “next step: pay your deposit”, etc!
  3. I'll be interviewing 10/31 as well! They received my application on 6/21. Excited to meet everyone!
  4. cumGPA: 3.70; science GPA: 3.79 GRE: 296 total (146 quant, 150 verbal) 4.0 writing PCE: ~4200 hours as an ED Scribe, ~760 as an ED Tech HCE: 858 hours Shadowing: 332 hours Volunteering: 220 hours I am also a Scribe Trainer and was a Microbio TA in undergrad. Don't lose hope. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
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