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  1. rejected without interview today - good luck to those on the wait list
  2. might be better to ask current students vs those who are applying on this thread. It is very common for schools to have you do rotations outside of their affiliate hospital and in more rural settings!
  3. got an email today that I met the basic requirements and will hear back by March 1. I submitted my CASPA, supplemental, and paid the fee this week!
  4. got an email yesterday that states my application is complete and we will have a decision by June 2021. Let the waiting continue!!! Good luck everyone.
  5. I was under the impression they were non-rolling admissions and it looks like their app doesnt close until 1/15/2021. I may have written something down wrong between Jan and now though LOL
  6. People could still give up their interview spots and admissions would likely extend it to someone else that has not heard back yet.
  7. Doesnt look like it yet, I suspect they will Friday or Monday if their current pattern holds true! Good luck!
  8. I took my second CASPer test in May (they expire after a year) and this is a new feature that I got an email about. It is not required by schools but just something extra they provide.
  9. I am on the alternate accepted list, I sent them an "application update" and they said they would reach out if they needed any additional info and if I was accepted they would need official transcripts. From my understanding, the alternate acceptance list will start hearing back once all the interviews are complete. My interview session 7/29 had 20 ish people. I feel like I remember reading the seat deposit is $250 when accepted then $1000 in February
  10. it seems they have been sending them out 10-14 days before the interview. I am expecting people to get invites Oct 23 and 26! Just a guess though
  11. I got a similar email after I interviewed at a different school, then later received an email that I was on the wait list for acceptance. I think they just want feedback!
  12. I got one 9/30 that only says "Your application has been given to the faculty to review." Submitted supplemental payment on 5/11, verified by Caspa 5/15, marked as complete by school 5/15
  13. on 8/20 I got an email that said the interviews would be late October early November so I am hoping for any day now!!
  14. they are nonrolling admissions! So they will not review apps until after their deadline
  15. I was verified by CASPA on 5/15 and didnt get my portal log in until 6/25
  16. Does not appear they have had that many interview session yet so I am still hopeful! You havent been counted out until you receive a rejection. Lets hope for the best!!!!
  17. They said 10-14 days during my interview session, I got a follow up email that said up to 4 weeks. I actually heard from them for "Alternate Acceptance" about a week after my interview date.
  18. Yes, and quite a few of the other people interviewing were out of state as well.
  19. it took me exactly two months to hear back about an interview, other people longer if you look back at the thread. Dont lose hope until they actually send rejections!!! You got this, stay patient!
  20. I submitted my CASPA application on 5/14 and was verified 5/15, got an email from them on 5/15 that my application was recieved and they got my supplemental payment.
  21. They are referring to 8 credits of chemistry, 4 credits anatomy, 4 credits physiology, and 4 credits of microbiology.
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