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  1. Received an interview invite for November 7th/8th. I’m currently in Japan so time zones are wacky but I believe they sent it to me on the 28th.
  2. For anyone being placed on the alternate list, I emailed the program and they said they do not disclose any information such as rankings etc. Also they said they do not typically start pulling from the waitlist until January. Hope that helps!
  3. I talked to Terry Cruze over the phone then received an email shortly after.
  4. Just received a call stating that the program did not get accreditation
  5. During my interview session they told us that everyone would have an update on their application by Oct 17th. So I would follow up with them after that date! Hope that helps.
  6. I had to wait at least 7 weeks for an interview invite and I applied back in May.
  7. Just received an email stating I’m waitlisted.
  8. Coming from a distance away I was hoping they would start the 6th so I could use the weekend before to move and get settled, especially since New Years is two days before etc.
  9. At the Sep 27th interview session they said they were having 7 interview sessions total and that we were the fifth session. So I take it that there is still a chance for interview invites.
  10. I spoke to the PA department today and they said they should be sending an official letter in the mail along with seat deposit info etc in the next few days. They are also not sure if the official start day will be Jan 3rd or Jan 6th.
  11. Haven’t seen a Facebook group yet, wasn’t sure when the page should be made etc
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