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  1. SusaPA, Glad you enjoyed it! We tried to make it as informative and fun as we could. please don’t hesitate to DM me or our UPAP Instagram if you just wanna chat or ask anything!
  2. Hello all, Congratulations to everyone accepted thus far for class 51! I’m a current student in class 50 at the SLC campus. I’m the current SLC class 50 secretary — When someone takes the initiative of creating a Facebook group For class 51 please DM me so I can request to be added and I will help you all with any questions or concerns.
  3. I tried making a group for class 50 on FB and I have to add at least one other member in order to make it! So if someone would like to send me a private message with your name so I can add you as a friend and add you to the group.
  4. I’d like to join it as well if someone has made it!
  5. Congratulations! Can’t wait to meet everyone!
  6. I just received my SLC acceptance email! Congratulations to everyone who got in!
  7. Has anyone heard back since the 29-30 interview dates?
  8. I received an interview for the 29th at the SLC campus. I’m super excited to meet some of you there! Do any of you know how to study for the A&P exam?
  9. Just received a waitlist email around 4:30. Congratulations to all who got accepeted! Fingers crossed; I hope there will be a chance I get in ??
  10. I haven’t heard back from them since the interview on 08/02. The anticipation is hurrendous lol
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