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  1. Current student here as well. I recommend flying into Pasco airport for those who are coming from afar. Easiest and quickest route to the school. Only about an hourish drive where Seattle is at least 2.5 and Portland is 3. You can fly into Yakima, but it is EXPENSIVE. Good luck to you all! Hope to see you around next year!
  2. I was also offered an interview and had to turn it down. I just finished my first semester at a program closer to home. Meharry would have been an amazing school to attend. I hope this opens the door for others like us who want to attend HBCU's. Good luck to everyone interviewing! If you have any questions regarding interview tips, you can contact me!
  3. I was also waitlisted in November and was told first I would know on Jan 31st with an update. I emailed them and called to express interest but got another waitlist email on Feb 4th stating we would know by March 1st with another update.
  4. I recieved a call this morning to interview on Feb 26th! Is anyone else interviewing this day? Can anyone give me any pointers for the interview day?
  5. I got waitlisted back in November and heard back from them today. All admissions offers and decisions have been made. The waitlist is not ranked and if an applicant decides to give up their spot, they will replace them with a similar applicant. Not sure how they will decide this in the end. Good luck to all!
  6. Has anyone who got a waitlist email months ago been updated of a status? I havent been updated since the middle of November when I received a waitlist email. Still holding out hope. Congrats to those accepted and also put on the waitlist.
  7. No news for me either. Interviewed on 11/10 and got the waitlist email 11/26. Radio Silence for the past two months. Sorry for those in the first interview group that has not heard anything since October.
  8. Looking forward to meeting everyone this weekend for our interview! Do we have a set plan for the dinner tomorrow?? PNWTOMID let us know the details and I look forward to meeting everyone hopefully tonight !!
  9. Has anyone recieved any updates from Morehouse? Two more weeks until 1/31. I hope we all hear good news sometime soon!
  10. I just got an email to interview on Jan 26th!! Is anyone else going to be interviewing this day?? Can anyone who has interviewed give any insight regarding the interview day?? Excited to interview here and become a part of the community here!!
  11. Do we need to send in the supplemental ASAP? I got an email after submitting it asking for official transcripts. Will the program look at our application if we don't have everything in by March 1? What are your thoughts? It gives us a deadline of 4/15 to send in the supplemental so was just curious to what everyone is doing!
  12. Did the email include all 20 people who have gotten accepted? Can anyone provide details to us who are still waiting what the email was about? One person said it included all the people who had been accepted, the other said it only had about 10 names on it? Should the rest of us assume the class is already selected?
  13. Any news for anybody lately? Looks like on the forum that noone has heard any news for a while. How did the last two interview weekends go? Can anyone talk about their experience from the 12/8 and 12/15 interview? Hope we all hear something soon!
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