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  1. I just got an email to interview on Jan 26th!! Is anyone else going to be interviewing this day?? Can anyone who has interviewed give any insight regarding the interview day?? Excited to interview here and become a part of the community here!!
  2. TIS93

    Meharry School of Medicine

    Do we need to send in the supplemental ASAP? I got an email after submitting it asking for official transcripts. Will the program look at our application if we don't have everything in by March 1? What are your thoughts? It gives us a deadline of 4/15 to send in the supplemental so was just curious to what everyone is doing!
  3. TIS93

    Morehouse PA Program

    Did the email include all 20 people who have gotten accepted? Can anyone provide details to us who are still waiting what the email was about? One person said it included all the people who had been accepted, the other said it only had about 10 names on it? Should the rest of us assume the class is already selected?
  4. TIS93

    Morehouse PA Program

    Any news for anybody lately? Looks like on the forum that noone has heard any news for a while. How did the last two interview weekends go? Can anyone talk about their experience from the 12/8 and 12/15 interview? Hope we all hear something soon!
  5. TIS93

    University of Tampa PA Program

    I interviewed on 11/12 and have not had any phone calls yet. Hopefully will hear back this week will an acceptance call or email. Congrats to all those who have got accepted.
  6. TIS93

    2018 Application Cycle

    Is anyone interviewing on Friday the 30th?
  7. TIS93

    Morehouse PA Program

    I do hope so too!
  8. TIS93

    Morehouse PA Program

    Got the waitlist email today. Congrats to those who have got acceptances. I hope to get pulled off the waitlist and become part of the class here.
  9. TIS93

    Morehouse PA Program

    I interviewed yesterday! This program is awesome guys and everyone there including other applicants were amazing! I hope we all become classmates here at Morehouse! I would love to exchange contact info with anyone who wants to! For those who have upcoming interviews, do not sweat it. The staff really is trying to make you feel welcome and to not intimidate you. The intervew is like any other interview with general questions about you and things like that so be prepared, but awesome program! Good luck to everyone!
  10. TIS93

    University of Tampa PA Program

    Interviewing Nov 12th! Coming from Utah! Look forward to meeting with all others interviewing this day as well!
  11. TIS93

    Morehouse PA Program

    I also got invited for an interview today for 11/10. Anyone who has interviewed, how did it go? Any news on accreditation?
  12. TIS93

    2018 Application Cycle

    Interviewing Nov 30th SLC Campus! Live here in SLC as well. Look forward to meeting everyone!
  13. Interviewing 11/3! Coming in from Utah. Looking forward to meeting others at the interview!!
  14. TIS93

    Morehouse PA Program

    I applied last week. Has anyone received anything from this program at all? I wonder when they start considering people to interview?
  15. Does anyone know if each location has more than one interview day? I have not received an interview yet but I am hoping I do. This is my top choice in programs! Congrats to those who have got interviews so far!

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