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  1. Does anyone who’s interviewing on 10/10 want to meet up on Tuesday for lunch or something? It would be great to get a chance to meet some people before the big day!
  2. cGPA 3.68, sGPA 3.60 GRE 320 (160 V, 159 Q, 4.5 A) ~1,600 hours as a CNA in the cardiac unit of a hospital ~4,000 healthcare hours as a US Peace Corps Volunteer working in health and education ~2,500 hours teaching English internationally ~60 hours shadowing a team of CT surgery PAs CASPA Verified: 8/8 Placed in queue for review: 8/12 Interview invite received: 9/19 for 10/15 interview
  3. I just received an invite for 10/15! Supplemental submitted 8/12. Is anyone going to be in town the Sat/Sun before that would want to meet up?
  4. Congratulations to everyone being accepted and getting interviews! I just received an interview invite for October 10! I’ll be coming from Seattle. Anyone else going to be there then?
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