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  1. I received an email from LIU that it was an error, I believe it happened to several others as well.
  2. I got an acceptance about an hour ago but just declined as I'm already enrolled at another program. I hope this opens the spot up for one of you! Best of luck!
  3. Happy New Year everyone! As I mentioned in a previous message, I started a facebook group for our class. If you've been accepted and want to join the facebook group, search the following, request to join the group, and I'll add you in! Our group name is: "MGH IHP PA Program, Class of 2021" I previously said to send me a message with your name and I'd send you a friend request + add you to the group, but I've run into several "name twins" on facebook, so this way it'll be easier to add you all in. I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start!
  4. Congratulations!! I believe I added you to the Facebook group already but if not, shoot me a DM and I will!
  5. Hey everyone! I created a facebook group and started adding members of our class that have already reached out. If you want me to add you to the group, send me a DM with your first and last name and I'll send you a friend request on FB/add you!
  6. Agreed! I’d be happy to get it started if those of you who will be joining the upcoming class want to DM me your first and last names!
  7. I received the call earlier this week (on the same day I found out about the other program), so I had a really tough decision to make. Lots of pro/con lists and reflection. I let UC know this morning that I’d be declining, and it makes me so incredibly happy to know that someone from this group got the call for that seat!! @paramedic09 you deserve it! Best of luck to you! (And all of you!)
  8. Hey everyone! I received a call off of the waitlist, however I will be excepting a seat at another program. I hope this opens up a spot for one of you amazing humans! Best of luck to all of you :)
  9. I received an acceptance email yesterday morning as well!! I am so incredibly thrilled!! It has been a really crazy week. An hour and a half before I received the email from MGH yesterday morning, I received a call off of the waitlist (that I've been on since early Sept) to the program that was my top choice up until interviewing at MGH. For that hour and a half I was ECSTATIC and cried and laughed and jumped up and down. Then received the email from MGH and that feeling doubled. I also am fairly certain I went into shock for a second haha.. Just three days before all of this, I received a rejection LETTER from a school that I was really hoping for an interview from, and spent about an hour crying and filled with self-doubt about how I may not get in anywhere this year. I share all of this with you guys to (hopefully) give at least one of you reading this some hope about where you are in your journey to becoming a PA .. you really never know what each new day is going to bring (it's cliché b/c it's trueee), and all it takes is one YES. Stay strong and please don't doubt yourselves if you've been waitlisted or rejected. Your time will come and you WILL get that acceptance. Keep the faith and remember why you started this journey in the first place. It's not about the title or the money. It's about the patients. It's about waking up every day and knowing you get to use your knowledge, skills, and passion to help heal humanity and save lives. Never lose sight of that All of the hard work WILL pay off. Didn't intend on writing all that/rambling, I've just had so much on my mind the past couple of days, and hope to help inspire at least one of you with this crazy week I've had
  10. I am hopeful that we will hear one way or the other next week sometime! During the info session, Director Walker said they would be making the admissions decisions/notifying after Thanksgiving. Hang in there everyone!
  11. Hey everyone! Just wanted to check-in and see how everyone is holding up during the post-interview waiting period. I honestly had so much fun during the interview day (once my initial nerves subsided) and felt incredibly comfortable at MGH.. it just felt "right" and I can 100% see myself fitting in/feeling at-home within the community they've built there. Did anyone else feel this way through their experience? I am so very hopeful for an acceptance! For now, I am committing to staying patient and positive - and hope that you all are, too. No matter the outcome, we should all feel incredibly proud for making it this far!
  12. I don't think so. Their deadline isn't for quite a while, I was just hoping if I applied early I may hear back sooner and wondered if anyone was in the same boat. I applied to all of the programs I chose in June & July so it just feels like it has been ages. We just have to trust the process though and commit to staying positive during this waiting period!
  13. Who else in this thread hasn't heard anything else since the confirmation that they received your app after submission? Also, congratulations to those of you who are receiving interviews and have been accepted!!
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