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  1. mikejeffe

    HPSP and HSCP

    @miaswift do you know the link to the facebook page?
  2. Congrats welcome to the group! can't wait to meet everyone. I was hoping a group would get started as well. We could always start our own unofficial group.
  3. For those accepted, do you know if anyone starts facebook group or forum? I know the mentioned that early next year we would receive a list of classmates. Also to everyone waiting. Good luck and I hope you all hear something soon.
  4. Extremely laid back. If you got an interview they already know you can handle the program. They just want to see you are a good person and if you will fit in their program.
  5. I believe Dr. Baginski told me I would have two weeks to decide. Not sure if that is two weeks from the letter or the phone call. I would assume it is two weeks from the official letter. By the way were you also at the 2nd interview?
  6. Received a call today from Dr. Baginski I've have been accepted into the program!!!
  7. Hey All I also received an acceptance call and email today! Super excited about UNE
  8. Hey I received an invite as well, not sure if I will attend or not. My in-laws live about 30 min away so I know the area a little. As far as an airport the closest will be Manchester will be your closest airport. Sorry uber will not be an option in West Leb, You might be able to catch one from the airport. As far as things to do, West Leb is right next to White River Junction VT which is an up and coming little ( i must stress little) arts town. They have an amazing BBQ place and a really small but tasty craft beer spot across the street called River Roost. There is also coffee shops and a few restaurants. Dartmouth is close by and they have a little downtown area worth checking out. Thats about all I got! Hope that helps
  9. I actually visited the school and met with some staff. They explained that the probation was primarily due to some administrative issues. They told me that they hired a company to come in and evaluate and they will be making the necessary changes. They have been around for a little bit so I would not be too worried about it. They are open to you asking questions about the new status.
  10. Nothing here, but according to the last email they sent me, they should start rolling out updates anytime starting next week. The last email stated it would be 8-10 weeks. Next week make its 8 weeks.
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