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  1. I do not believe so - the waitlist will most likely shift a fair amount so I doubt they will be able to give you a solid answer.
  2. @Abbull Information on financial aid can be found here: https://gardner-webb.edu/academic-programs-and-resources/colleges-and-schools/health-sciences/schools-and-departments/physician-assistant-studies/admissions/financial-aid/index A lot of students have the direct unsubsidized stafford loan on top of the direct plus grad loan, all offered through FAFSA. Discover offers student loans as well (I have one and the process of getting it was very quick and easy). I also would like to remind everybody to keep their admission decisions to themselves since it can be a sensitive topic for others. The seats of the 2022 cohort are still shifting (and will continue to do so) as people finalize their academic decisions. ________________________________________________________________________________ Lastly, for anybody who's disappointed because they did not get an acceptance this year, do NOT be discouraged. You are not alone. PA school is VERY hard to get accepted to - the vast majority of my cohort did not come here fresh out of undergrad. I applied my first year, was denied, and subsequently used that time to get more healthcare experience. In retrospect, I would have been at a BIG disadvantage if I had gotten accepted prior to working as long as I did in the field. Many of my classmates here have a lot of experience and that experience lends itself to a better performance overall. One of my class's students applied for PA school at least 3 times. He worked in the meantime and now, he is one of the most "natural" one of us during standardized patients, skills evaluations, etc.. All this to say, do not let this be a stumbling block for you. l encourage you to use this extra time to gain experience, network with potential future career leads, and save up money for your time during school. Best of luck and please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like advice or anything!
  3. I just popped into Alli’s office to check up on things for y’all. She said they are noticing an issue with letters not being delivered, so if you have not yet received anything, email her and tell her so. Waitlisters, keep your heads up! I don’t know if they are pulling from the list yet but she said they’ve called waitlisters in December before!
  4. Good question. That is more of an Alli question, since I don’t know the specifics! I just noticed new names on the list but I don’t know if the students were waitlisted or accepted immediately!
  5. It seems like they just reached out/are currently reaching out to more accepted students! Hang tight
  6. Where the website mentions science aptitude, it usually refers to prereqs. I asked Alli and she sent me this webpage clarifying some of that. https://gardner-webb.edu/academic-programs-and-resources/colleges-and-schools/health-sciences/schools-and-departments/physician-assistant-studies/admissions/application-requirements/index I do not know the specifics, as that is more on the administration side of things. I do know, however, that all GPAs are factored together into a prescreen score. In my interview, I discussed GPAs. I mentioned a science Q-drop and a low science grade rather than one in a freshman english 101 class. I felt it was important to bring that up, since this is a science-heavy degree by nature. After discussing any weaknesses in my GPA, however, I was quick to explain how those experiences served as crucial, big learning moments about adaptability for me. I think it is nice to put something that can be an awkward, semi-negative conversation topic into a positive light.
  7. It is a pretty laid-back environment. You'll be able to tour the amenities of the program (I recommend going and visiting Tucker Student Center while you're there!), ask questions to faculty and current students, and engage in an interview with the administration. Each interviewer's style may differ, but overall, the interview is intended to be a comfortable environment in which you can be 100% yourself
  8. I'm so glad to hear that! Congratulations - that is very exciting news!! I would recommend flying into Charlotte. I drove to NC in my own car, but the vast majority of interviewees and students I know of flew there instead of Greenville.
  9. Don't stress it! One of my classmates applied right before the deadline and he's sitting right next to me
  10. Just as a heads up, the program discourages the sharing of admissions decisions on here. If you do have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail Alli Qualls, or refer to the "What's Next?" document you received during the interview. I do not know any information regarding specific interviews or anything like that, I'm just here to answer general questions If you have any general stuff to ask like housing, hotels, dress code, etc., feel free to DM me directly! Thanks!
  11. This is definitely a question for Alli, but she did say during one of the interviews that they have called people all the way into December.
  12. Congratulations to those waitlisted! We have a pretty solid handful of people in my class who were waitlisted, so definitely don't feel deterred by that. @PANCE51, I am sorry to hear that. You could try reaching out to Alli Qualls and ask her for information.
  13. She seemed really busy so I don't think I should walk in and ask right now, but it's worth sending her an email asking for an update!
  14. I doubt it. I'd give it a couple more days. They're pretty quick about letting people know, but I know their office is crazy busy right now!
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