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  1. Just received my acceptance e-mail. I interviewed on 7/16 in the AM.
  2. I have an interview scheduled for 8/2/19 that I’ll be withdrawing from, so here’s some hope for those on the interview waitlist!
  3. Nothing yet. I presume nothing on your end as well since you’re asking?
  4. I'll be going to the Friday 5PM meet-up tomorrow with the current students. Anybody else?
  5. Quick question to folks who applied last cycle, I noticed on the website, one of the pre-reqs is: "General Inorganic Chemistry (I & II) including lab - 8 semester hours" I'm not sure if this was a typo, as the majority of PA programs require General Chemistry and/or organic chemistry, but not specifically inorganic chemistry. So did all of you take inorganic chemistry or did you get by with general chem/organic chem?
  6. For all my wait-listed folks for the 2018-2019 cycle, if you get pulled off the wait-list before the August 2019 start, please let your fellow wait-list mates know so that we can have a modicum of hope that the wait-list is actually moving! I was wait-listed in March and am, unfortunately, preparing for the next cycle that's coming around the corner in a week.
  7. And I thought my 2 week wait thus far has been brutal. Yeah, it sucks how their wait list is basically this nebulous cloud all the way up until August.
  8. Welp congrats! How many times have you had to apply? I interviewed Friday as well and haven’t received a call, so I’m pretty certain it’s a waitlist or rejection at this point.
  9. I'm interviewing on Friday, 4/5. If anybody wants to grab dinner the night before on 4/4, just shoot me a message!
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