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  1. I too received an acceptance call yesterday around noon from Dr. O'Donoghue! Looking forward to meeting you all in a few months!! **** As for any additional information that I got from the phone call, I just know that they will mail us an information package from what I remembered!
  2. Hello BeBe! I will be interviewing in the afternoon on Thursday! Driving into OKC tonight! Hope to see you tomorrow and good luck!
  3. Same here! I contacted the program and they said, "We are working on a formal welcome packet to be sent to you which will be sent once our interviews are complete and your cohort is finalized. I’ll update you first via email on upcoming events."
  4. Just got an acceptance email from the November 12, 2018 interview!! WOOO! Good luck to you all and hope you all hear back soon!
  5. I also got the sweet acceptance call today as well!! Congrats and good luck to everyone else!!!
  6. Just got my acceptance email from the 9/28 interview! ? woot woot!
  7. Thanks for the info, it helped! ? I too got an invite for October 19th as well! See you there!
  8. I thought I heard that it could happen till Thursday but I guess I could be wrong..?
  9. Hey guys, I interviewed this past weekend and have not heard back. There were several people from out-of-state that interviewed on my day as well. The faculty informed us that we may receive a phone call at the earliest Tuesday-Thursday after the interview to give out acceptance, but there's a chance we may not hear back until after the last interview session.
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