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  1. I was called last Thursday off the waitlist. I turned down the seat because I already put a deposit down on another school.
  2. I started a Facebook page, PM me if you want me to add you to it.
  3. I also got my acceptance call yesterday!! Can't wait to meet you all in June!
  4. I am not sure, but based on the posts from the last few years it looks like acceptance calls went out over 2 days, and a couple days later rejections and waitlists we're emailed.
  5. You are not alone. I haven't heard anything either. Hopefully tomorrow. ?
  6. Where are you staying? I am driving in from out of town and you can keep your stuff in my car if you want. Message me and I will give you my info.
  7. I spoke with Garrett, they are doing interviews in November, January, February and March. Each interview group has an equal chance of getting into the program.
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