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  1. Yeah i had that problem being in the afternoon session .. I ended up just staying another night lol.
  2. Nobody in my group this year or last year did. I mean I guess they could wait somewhere around campus. They’ll have to wait for about 4 hours though. There’s some chairs inside the building but they might feel less awkward waiting in the dining area at the college or something.
  3. Definitely wear a suit. You’ll be the odd one out if you don’t.
  4. Also got a rejection this morning. Applied first week of July.
  5. I submitted first week of July and haven’t heard anything either. I interviewed and was waitlisted last year and this year nothing so far. I even applied in August last year.
  6. They’re rolling admissions. They don’t fill up the seats in the first couple of interviews. Last year they were still interviewing in February and still had seats left. They won’t interview you if there’s no seats.
  7. Congratulations!! What time did you get the call?
  8. Not sure because I got an interview in September last year. Didn’t hear back until like May this year that I wasn’t accepted. I’m sure they take a long time to tell you if you didn’t get an interview and are denied based on how long they took for me.
  9. Just received an interview for September 20th today! I’m a reapplicant and got an interview last year too. I applied first week of July.
  10. Also got an interview for 9/18! I applied first week of July. I applied and got waitlisted last year so hoping this will be the year.
  11. Idk, within a couple weeks of the interview. But I interviewed in January or February.
  12. I applied the first week of August last year and interviewed and got waitlisted (still on waitlist for this August), so it’s definitely possible. I might’ve had a better chance of getting accepted vs waitlist if I applied earlier tho. I reapplied first of July this year.
  13. I applied over a month ago and did the “supplemental” and when I log in to the self service it says applied. However, I never received an email confirming my application. When did you receive this email? When you were under review?
  14. Got my rejection today. Didn’t apply until beginning of July though, so I’m not surprised.
  15. Anybody got accepted off the waitlist recently?
  16. Finally got a rejection from the September interview. At least I finally heard something..
  17. That’s what I thought. They make it hard to plan/reapply when they wait until the next application cycle to tell you anything.
  18. Still haven’t heard anything. I emailed and got a vague response. I think they already offered all of their admissions, so I’m just wondering if they’re ever gonna tell me anything at all or just leave me hanging. Just trying to plan appropriately. Anybody received a waitlist recently or anything?
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