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  1. Last year when I was waitlisted, I only moved up 2 spots after April. Seems like after April things stopped moving as people finalized their decisions.
  2. So I just found out about the Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry (Covid-related). That would look fantastic on an application if you volunteered in a time of crisis. I think they also have non-medical people that can volunteer (I might be mistaken) but anybody with a license or certification would also be put to good use. I just signed up for it and it was pretty simple! Doesn’t hurt to try.
  3. I’d say do a fast paced CNA course (I did mine in 3 weeks) to get that certification and start working in a hospital, but idk if they’re even doing those courses right now. Kind of seems too late/bad timing with all that’s going on.
  4. I’d email them then, because they already gave out all of the waitlist seats so I’d assume you’re rejected and maybe the email got lost? Check your spam.
  5. I’m waiting too. I applied last July. Thankfully I already got accepted elsewhere.
  6. I started at 27 last year and moved to 14, but there was basically no movement after April. This year I got accepted w/no waitlist thankfully!
  7. I found out on 2/22 last year my waitlist rank, but they weren’t still finding people to fill the waitlist. Maybe they just need a couple more, don’t worry! I moved from #27 in February to #14 eventually. Wasn’t hardly any movement after April though, just FYI.
  8. That’s probably best! Last year I kept hanging onto hope even though I knew it was likely a no. I should’ve started preparing sooner.
  9. Nobody knows, we just have to wait for an email with acceptance/rejection/waitlist. They typically take up until April to let you know.
  10. Yeah that’s how it was last year too. I’m pretty sure it was a no for me in January, but they didn’t tell me until late April. Had me waiting around for no reason.
  11. I didn’t hear back from the program w/rejection until April of last year, so just be patient. I’m still waiting to hear back this cycle too, but already got accepted at another program (thankfully), so my anxiety is way lower than last year.
  12. I got this after paying my deposit: “The next steps will come from PA Butler some time later (probably mid-late spring) as she gets the information ready.” So we just gotta be patient!
  13. In order to be fair to everyone who’s interviewed, all I’m gonna say is that it’s very straightforward. There’s really no extra preparation needed. You’ll know what to do/write - they don’t try to catch you off guard, they just want to see what kind of person you are.
  14. I was just about to ask if anyone has done this! I just got accepted to another school today, but I still love UTRGV and would like to know my status. I also interviewed in September. They said to contact them if this happens, so hopefully they will answer soon. I interviewed in September of the previous cycle also, and didn’t find out until the following April that I wasn’t accepted.
  15. I ended up getting accepted to another school, so I’m likely going to give up my interview spot on February 3rd! So hopefully that’ll help someone out!
  16. Just got an acceptance call! I applied and interviewed last cycle too and ended up getting waitlisted and didn’t get it in. I started giving up hope, but it finally happened! So excited!
  17. They are. Some people that interviewed last summer still haven’t even heard back, give it some time.
  18. They’re basically saying you’re not rejected and that they’re still going through applications so you still have a chance of being considered. I got that email but already got an interview invite yesterday
  19. Also got an interview invite for February. I applied in July. This will be my 2nd year interviewing with this school!
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