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  1. Got my rejection today. Didn’t apply until beginning of July though, so I’m not surprised.
  2. Anybody got accepted off the waitlist recently?
  3. Finally got a rejection from the September interview. At least I finally heard something..
  4. That’s what I thought. They make it hard to plan/reapply when they wait until the next application cycle to tell you anything.
  5. Still haven’t heard anything. I emailed and got a vague response. I think they already offered all of their admissions, so I’m just wondering if they’re ever gonna tell me anything at all or just leave me hanging. Just trying to plan appropriately. Anybody received a waitlist recently or anything?
  6. I also emailed him last week and haven’t heard anything. Hopefully we’ll hear back soon.
  7. Congrats!! When did you interview/get on the waitlist?
  8. Got my waitlist number... 27.. feeling a little disappointed
  9. Haven’t heard anything since my interview in October..
  10. Got waitlisted from the last interview date on 2/6/19 today.
  11. Can anybody help me with my eraider account? Is this something we set up a while back? I just can’t remember.
  12. I don’t know if I even have an eraider account.. I’ve done so much school stuff I can’t remember setting one up. I tried to do it but I’m not sure how.
  13. I will let you know tonight what mine says! I’m at work so I’ll check in a while.
  14. Also waitlisted! I’ll take it lol. Anybody know how they do waitlisting? Do they tell you which number you are or not?
  15. Hey guys, I’m interviewing on Monday November 12th. What did you guys take to the interview? Did you need a portfolio/something to write on?
  16. Like they said at the interview.. by telling other people what the interview style is, you’re just hurting yourself. They have the advantage.
  17. Can’t say, but just practice general interview skills and you’ll be fine. It was very low stress and they’re really nice.
  18. They told us at the interview that they plan to accept about 80 students but if more clinical sites come through then they will accept up to 100.
  19. Got an interview invitation for November 12th!! So excited! Anybody have any tips on the interview?
  20. For those who interviewed here already... did you take copies of your resume or anything else’s I’m forgetting? Ladies, did you take a purse?
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