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  1. Hi Kate, I am from SoCal and received an acceptance the day after my interview. So while early acceptances are rare, I don't believe they are limited to those who are out of state. And if you haven't heard back yet, stay positive because I've heard that the remaining ~90% of applicants don't hear back until March. Best of luck!!
  2. Interviewed yesterday and received my ACCEPTANCE today!!! I am completely OVER THE MOON!!!
  3. Wow this made my day. I am so happy I could (indirectly) help! Congratulations!!!
  4. Congratulations on your interview invite! I interviewed back in October and we were informed that the majority of decisions are not made until February/March (after all interviews are complete) and only a select few hear back before this time period. So I do not believe that the class is full yet or that you are only being considered for the waitlist. Best of luck to you!!
  5. I gave up my interview spot for Dec 1st earlier this morning due to being accepted at a program closer to home. So to those who have not heard back yet, I hope my spot goes to one of you! Best of luck!
  6. I submitted end of July. But after much consideration, I actually ended up declining the interview offer since I was accepted to another program closer to home. Hopefully this opens up a slot for another qualified applicant
  7. Looks like the next wave of interview invites are officially going out. I JUST received an interview invite via email about an hour ago for December 1st!
  8. Hi all! I just received an invite for the December 1st interview yesterday morning. So to those who have not heard back yet, it seems like interview invites are still going out! ?
  9. I gave up my seat earlier today because I was accepted to a program closer to home. Hope this opens up a seat for one of you on the waitlist. Best of luck to you all!
  10. Received an acceptance email as well! I interviewed on 9/28--morning session.
  11. No problem! And aw yay that's awesome!! See you there @MCB102 !
  12. Hi all! I received an interview invite today and like many have stated on this thread, I also did not receive an email or call but it was on my portal. I applied on the later end of the cycle (end of July), so to those who also applied later, there is still hope! Hope to see some of you on November 12th! ?
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