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  1. Do you mean they sent out rejection letters last year or this year? Do you (or anyone else) personally know of anyone receiving a rejection letter this cycle?
  2. That breaks my heart!!! So sorry that happened :( Also, FranU just sent out admission decision emails!
  3. I submitted July 7 and was invited to an August interview. FranU is done with interviews for this application cycle unfortunately. They held interviews on: June 24 July 26 August 19 August 23 They started using rolling admissions this year which greatly expedited the timeline
  4. Has anyone heard back from Samford about an interview? My info: Submitted: ***July 31 Supplemental submitted: August 1 Application complete email: August 5
  5. Can anyone who has interviewed shed light on the “supplemental questions” we will be filling out during the interview? They were originally supposed to be sent and returned before the interview, but they changed it to having us answer on the spot during the interview
  6. @dxcoco Can I just say bravo? Thank you for putting all milestones AND dates of when they occurred (as well as your stats)! These forums would be so much more streamlined if everyone included all the information in stead of waiting for people to ask each. individual. question. making. the. forum. dozens. of. pages. But seriously, congrats!
  7. Hi! Did they give you time and date for interview? Last year we ranked dates and times in a SurveyMonkey form then they told us. Just wondering if they ask your preference for date/time again this year. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone heard back or any other information about this school? Such as class size or cost? I am so excited about another program in the state!
  9. Has anyone been rejected yet? If so, were you interviewed first? Just wondering as I have heard nothing since I was told my application was complete and being sent to the committee in August. Thanks!
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