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  1. Hi everyone! I am not from Birmingham and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any apartments near campus or recommend places to live. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Does anyone know what class size they are shooting for?
  3. I also received an interview invitation this morning! I told them October 25th was my preferred date. Good luck to everyone!!!!!
  4. People are posting in the thread for the Atlanta location that they are getting interview invitations. Fingers crossed the other locations start soon also!
  5. When I called earlier today they said the email would be sent out this afternoon, but I have not received an email either
  6. I just called because I am in Illinois and was having this same problem. Castle Branch said they have to switch me to an out of state package in order for me to choose locations that are not in the state of Florida, but said that it could take up to a week to update my account.
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