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  1. I heard this from everyone I asked.... Be yourself. Let your personality shine. You have already passed on paper. Know the mission through and through. And what helped me get my jitters out was running a couple mock interviews with current PA's. Good luck!! And have fun.
  2. Got my call! So excited. Congrats everyone... whether you received the call or not. remember just having the interview was an accomplishment in itself. Don't give up.
  3. I think he said the earliest would be today but I don't remember if he specified what time their meeting is. I am carrying my phone with me everywhere though
  4. I did also! Would you like to coordinate meeting the night before? I'll be driving down from Seattle.
  5. Just received an invite to interview! Any tips from those who already have?! I'm so excited!
  6. Congrats everyone for yesterday. I had so much fun spending the day with everyone and I truly wish you all the best. Can't wait for you all to start posting you got the call!
  7. We went to the bar to get a big table and seated sooner. There's someone with pink cat ears on
  8. Hey all, just got here. I'm wearing a black North face jacket.
  9. They usually do another, all campus interview in January (I think). This is usually held at the Seattle location.
  10. Happy interview week, all! Just sending a confirmation, meeting at the RAM in the U village around 6 on Thursday, the 31st. I will be there a bit before 6 as they don't take reservations. Look forward to seeing everyone!
  11. Thank you for the words of encouragement @eomadden! Hope your first year is going well!
  12. I had said the RAM in the U district. I called them and they do not take reservations. I'm happy to still go there early and grab a table as I work nearby or I'm open to other suggestions. Look forward to seeing everyone soon!
  13. @DanielleBohan Excited to have you join us on 10/31! Safe travels! I sent you a message on FB.
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