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  1. Hi again! So, I had another question pop up into my head and thought y'all could help me out again! I decided to apply the summer before my senior year, so this summer, to a select few schools. However, one of my top choices has a prerequisite that I have already taken and did not do very well in. I would like to retake it, however it is not possible to retake it before I apply to PA school this summer. Is it ok if I retake it senior year, or will it count against me and I will not be considered because it is not above a 3.0? Thanks in advanced!
  2. Hi! I will be beginning to apply to PA schools in about a year or so. However, I have some very basic questions that I cannot seem to find good answers to. One being, when can I first apply? I read somewhere that the year that you want to attend (for example, I will graduate in 2020) you must apply a year before (so, 2019). However I will not have even started my senior year yet, so that can't be right? Can it? Just looking for some clarity! Thanks in advanced!
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