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  1. I don’t think so, they were unclear during the interview how many people would get the secondary (they said it could be 100% of the interviewees or a bit less). Seems like they probably narrowed it down a bit but not to where the secondary will only eliminate like 10 people
  2. Has anyone who is interviewing the 29th received their “follow up” email that talks more about what will happen during the interview day?
  3. Online to sign up it says it’s at 10am so I signed up, I also have work at 2 but am hoping the 2pm thing was a mistake? Also online it says “prerequisite information will be covered” which makes me think this has nothing to do with the current applicants and just an automated email sent to anyone who has applied/given their email. If that’s the case, kind of annoying considering the subject of the email said application update....
  4. I got it as well, not sure if it is part of the application process or something else because it seems odd they would send out something the day of that is required. I feel like it might be an automated email to all prospective students, right?
  5. Has anyone else heard anything regarding interview invites? Do you know if they will just send out a general email saying “if you have not received an invite by now you have been rejected”
  6. When did you take the Casper test? I took mine August 8th but never got anything from Utah saying they have received my application/casper
  7. The program just stated on their LOR instructions that they won’t consider a reference from a shadowing opportunity, which is frustrating because I shadowded the PA for over a year and he really got to know me and see my interaction with patients and eagerness to learn. my experience was like you, not many PAs at my hospital and only a few doctors would stay around our unit (renal failure unit) and only one made herself approachable. On an ambulance it was just myself and a medic and when I would tech for patients I usually gave report to an RN in the ED, rarely ever a doc.
  8. I’ve applied but haven’t heard back from any schools yet, starting to get nervous especially after reading forums here and realizing I’ve applied to mostly top schools with a low GPA. Overall GPA: 3.28 science gpa: 3.00 (Coming from UC Berkeley, hoping that makes up a bit for the lower GPAs) PCE: 3500 (2000 as patient care tech in a hospital, 1500 as EMT first responder) Shadow: 190 hrs GRE: 314 (61% for quant, 80% for verbal, 82% for writing) no volunteer hours though Im not feeling confident because of my GPA and one of my top schools won’t consider the letter of reference from the PA I shadowded, which I expect is my best reference. Anyone with similar stats having success getting interviews?
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