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  1. Thanks, I think I will! I would be very disappointed in myself getting set behind over $27!!
  2. Does anyone know if you sent GRE scores to Campbell in a previous cycle (last year), do you need to send them again? They are properly reported in CASPA but I did not know if I should have it resent to Campbell's school code again. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have not started the course yet, I postponed it to start late summer. Registration is easy, the staff is super helpful and nice! But if you do start it soon please let the rest of us know how it goes for you. Thanks!
  4. I have not started the course yet, if you do please let the rest of us know how it is. I am registered but do not start until late summer.
  5. Hi, you said it, its an individual and a group interview and a nice presentation from faculty, in no particular order.
  6. I have not but I am signed up for Genetics at Western Carolina online for distance learning. It’s pretty cheap but check out the tuition rates for yourself if you’re out of state....it may not be different since it’s online anyway.
  7. Haley, I actually found an online class at a local university so I do not have to pay out of state tuition and UOPhoenix's outrageous rates. What state are you in?
  8. LPZ, I know this may be a shot in the dark bc you posted this in 2017, I wanted to ask how was the genetics course was at U of Phoenix? I am in need of a genetics course and need/want it to be online also. Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  9. I do not remember exactly what was on the supplemental application, I remember it was easy though, basic information I believe....and it was a separate fee of $50. The CASPer also was pretty easy and straight forward. Scenario-based ethical sort of questions like Pacman PA mentioned, no studying required for it. You can google/youtube that for more info. I think it is $25 also and is only offered twice a month online. If I remember correctly once you apply to Campbell, they will send you an email link to sign up for the test.
  10. Hello! I thought I would create a new group discussion since the upcoming cycle will be opening in about 2 months. This will give an opportunity for anyone to ask questions early in the application process and hopefully all the way through the interview process.
  11. I got an email this morning as well. Better luck next year I suppose.
  12. Anyone that interviewed previously, how long did it take them to send you an email updating you on status such as waitlisted or rejection? I interviewed Tues and haven’t received a phone call so I’m assuming a conclusion at this point but...it’s only been 3 days. Any info helpful!
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