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  1. Unfortunately, we are not supposed to disclose any information about the interview. But, you will be fine! I found it very fun, and the facilities are amazing to tour!!
  2. My friend interviewed last year, and she said there were two one-on-one standard interviews and then a group activity.
  3. Hi! I received an invite and here are some of my stats. Science GPA: 3.53 Overall GPA: 3.72 GRE: Verbal (151), Quant (151), Analytical (4.5) 800 hours as a PCT in the ER, 200 hours of volunteering in the hospital, and 100 hours of shadowing:)
  4. I received an interview and will be there for the AM session on the 22nd!!
  5. I applied about a week ago and have not heard back yet!
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