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  1. I was wondering the same thing after receiving the email from Ketchum saying “there’s been movement on the alternate list”.
  2. I’ve been placed on the alternate list and my portal has changed to show that
  3. Haven't heard anything either.
  4. Sadly, and very much unfortunately not.
  5. Let’s hope the people that got the actual acceptances aren’t those people that like the school a lot, and most likely some of them, with the more competitive stats, are not
  6. There were 160 people who got interviewed. If 40 people got acceptances, assuming a few turned it down, and if about 10 people did horrible on their interview...I kind of feel like there’s about 100 of us...or at least 80
  7. I hope you hear back from the other place and get an acceptance so you at least have a backup program! Either way I hope you get accepted here eventually too! Goodluck
  8. Ugh seriously. I’ve honestly been saying nothing, but amazing things about this program everywhere I get a chance lol. I wish they would at least update us somehow with this info, but we just have to wait and see I guess.
  9. I’m sure they do since there definitely will be a handful of people who initially might have accepted the offer, but then choose to go to a different school. I just really wish they would tell us how we rank or give us more info about the waitlist... I wonder if pretty much everyone that did okay or fairly well on the interview got waitlisted
  10. I wish they would at least tell us where we stand on the waitlist
  11. Congrats all of you!!! So exciting If you don’t mind me asking, what were your stats?
  12. I think it’s around. From past threads people heard back 1-2 weeks after the last interview date (which was last Saturday) so thinking (and hoping) we all hear back next week. Not sure if it’s true, but I heard the committee was meeting this week for the decisions.
  13. The wait though >.< when you know we’ve reached the end...
  14. Has anyone heard back this week about acceptances/rejections yet? From past threads, seems like all the rest of us that haven’t heard yet, will hear back this week/ next week about where we stand post interviews.

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