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  1. For those of you that are accepted, did they give you 2 weeks to put the deposit?
  2. From previous years, it looks like they let everyone know about 2-3 days after the last interview date!
  3. Is March 8th the last interview date or is there another one after that?
  4. I agree with @yjyoo. If anything I actually believe mbku will be getting their continuing accreditation this year after their arcpa review. Although they’re provisional, they’re not a super new program and to me they seem like they know what they’re doing (their PANCE scores show that too). I personally fell in love with the program. And the fact that their class size is smaller is definitely what draws me to them vs Western, although Western is more established and has full accreditation. I will also be deciding between those 2 if I hear good news from Western (and if I get off the waitlist from mbku). Although at this point, I’ll take whichever from those 2 since they’re both great programs and won’t be disappointed because I’m at the point with my mindset that I only want schools that want ME back.
  5. If anyone gets accepted off the waitlist, can you please let us know! Also those of you that are giving up your seats! I think it will give those of us who are anxiously waiting at least some hope
  6. Hey guys! Do any of you know when the last interview date is? Just trying to figure out what’s the soonest they’ll be letting us know about admissions decisions
  7. I was wondering the same thing after receiving the email from Ketchum saying “there’s been movement on the alternate list”.
  8. I’ve been placed on the alternate list and my portal has changed to show that
  9. Let’s hope the people that got the actual acceptances aren’t those people that like the school a lot, and most likely some of them, with the more competitive stats, are not
  10. There were 160 people who got interviewed. If 40 people got acceptances, assuming a few turned it down, and if about 10 people did horrible on their interview...I kind of feel like there’s about 100 of us...or at least 80
  11. I hope you hear back from the other place and get an acceptance so you at least have a backup program! Either way I hope you get accepted here eventually too! Goodluck
  12. Ugh seriously. I’ve honestly been saying nothing, but amazing things about this program everywhere I get a chance lol. I wish they would at least update us somehow with this info, but we just have to wait and see I guess.
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