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  1. Was just accepted off of the waitlist!! My gosh now I have a difficult decision to make...
  2. I just received the honor of an acceptance from this amazing program and a program that is very dear to my heart (I am a UC Davis alumni 2x). I will most likely be declining this offer as I was recently also accepted to my top choice of program, so I hope this opens a spot for another qualified and wonderful candidate from the waitlist! Congratulations to all that are accepted to this wonderful program, UC Davis and Sacramento will always have a dear place in my heart as I start my professional career elsewhere! I have nothing but amazing things to say about the staff, faculty, and students of this program.
  3. scankidofhell

    Any interest in brutalizing my PS?

    Feel free to send it to me
  4. Check out all of the community colleges near your area. They are cheap and affordable. What you can also do is take one class in Spring semester and then the 2nd class in Summer semester, however, you basically would not be able to submit until after summer. Best to try to knock both out before you apply in the summer. Having a pending class is a huge detriment even if schools don't outwardly say so. You can technically be screened out by not having A&P done, even if you are an otherwise stellar candidate (aka your app won't be even read because schools have so many applicants that have all of the prereqs done by application submission). Without having the prereqs completed, you aren't a qualified candidate (no exceptions). Like the previous person said, If you get A&P done before summer next year, you will have a decent shot (assuming you have stellar LORs, personal statement, etc.). If you don't, I would say wait until next cycle. Potentially if you applied early you may have a shot at interviews, but since the majority of your schools require A&P, it is best to apply when you have the most qualified/complete application.
  5. If you are firmly set on applying next cycle, if possible, find a local community college and take those two prereqs before you apply (most CCs teach A&P year-round). Try looking specifically for a CC that teaches anatomy and physiology as separate courses (e.g. take human anatomy and human physiology instead of A&PI and A&PII). This is so that you can knock them both out at the same time and not have to wait to take A&PII after taking A&PI. The only schools I applied to but did not get an interview invitation were those that I had pending prerequisites in. There is never enough experience until you actually get into PA school. You should be constantly trying to improve your resume until you get that acceptance letter (whether that's accruing more hours or switching to a higher quality PCE/HCE). That being said, it seems like you have a lot on your plate if you are trying to take anatomy and physiology before June of next year, you are trying to finish your undergraduate degree, as well as shadow PAs and asking for LORs (you should not bank on a PA that you have not shadowed yet to write you a LOR, I did, and the PA said no so I was ineligible to apply to 5 other schools I wanted to apply to). Not to mention you will have to write a bomb personal statement and fill out the CASPA app, which is immensely time-consuming in itself. Since you are still in college and you already have 3500 hours, just focus on the pre-reqs and get straight A's so you can boost your GPA to above 3.5. You can always wait another year before applying so that your application is much stronger, especially if you cannot find a community college to take anatomy/physiology next semester. No harm in that. You may be wasting your money applying if you don't even meet the prereqs for the majority of your schools.
  6. @ParanoidCreep I wrote mainly about my experiences in music as a multi-instrumentalist when I applied this current cycle. Didn’t go into much detail about cliche healthcare stores that a lot of people use. Got 9 interviews so far if that helps. edit: I think you should do keep focusing on healthcare opportunities (you need real experience) but feel free to be creative on the personal statement to make yourself stand out.
  7. scankidofhell

    2018-2019 cycle!

    PMed. Cheers!
  8. scankidofhell

    2018-2019 cycle!

    For those of you still waiting for interview invites, I just received an invite to interview for USC in January.
  9. scankidofhell

    UC San Diego Online Biochem

    I would be cautious with taking UCSD online biochemistry, not because it is a bad class but because it runs on a quarter system and only gives 3 quarter units of credit (so you would only be awarded 2 semester units). I know some of the schools that I was thinking about applying to this past cycle needed 3 semester units of credit for biochemistry.
  10. @bilu112 At my interview the current students said there was a free gym for Pace students on campus (included in the student fees that we pay I believe). They also said that there are a lot of other gyms that are close by to campus that you can pay a membership for.
  11. scankidofhell

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Got my rejection notice today! No worries though as I got into my top choice program. Congrats on those accepted.
  12. Yes please feel free to contact me for more help. I am basically free until I start school next July!

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