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  1. Recently at my first interview, I learned the importance of knowing a school attrition rate. I started doing some research and found that the majority of school don't even have their attrition rate located on their website. Beside asking at the interview is there any websites that outline each school attrition rate for each year??
  2. Florida doesn't require certifications for MAs in terms of a law aspect. I'm only saying this cause I live in Florida now and would hate for any pre pas to be misinformed into thinking they need a certification.
  3. I'm a medical assistant that not certified. I'm going be completely honest with you and say that obtaining a position like this is rare. I started as a physical therapist aide and than became an ophthalmic technician. I used the knowledge I've obtained from those positions to persuade interviewers to hire me as a medical assistant. Multiple jobs have complimented my CV and I think this is an important component in trying to get a job as an MA without a certification. Make sure you add your shadowing experience and volunteer experience. I've worked in low-income clinics in underserved communities as well so that really caught their eye during my interview process.(Hint: this is something that PA schools also love as well) I also added my GPA and academic achievements so they can be aware even though I don't have a certification I'm a fast learner. Try not to give up in this process. Go on indeed and start applying to jobs even if says certification required. When I first started looking for an MA job I applied to almost 20 positions and I can say only 2 actually called me in for an interview. I'm in my senior year at the moment and I'd like to say that the jobs I've had have been extremely accommodating with my class schedule. Just be aware that some offices may not be accommodating with your classes so you might have to take night classes if you're in school. Good luck !!
  4. What schools did you apply for? This all depends on the program. Some schools say 10 years for prereqs and some say 5 years depending on the course. This question can't really be answered until you research what each school says. If microbiology is one of their prerequisites that they require and your course is expired under their criteria then they will either deny you or offer you an interview with the course pending.
  5. The major I chose was Health Science with a focus in health administration. My university allows a majority of the classes to be online courses so it was perfect for my schedule as a medical assistant. My prereqs are in person but this allows me to have a significant amount of time for work, volunteering and shadowing with PAs. Also, my backup route is being an administrator in a hospital so it was perfect for me. I think you just need to find whatever major follow up with your back up route. PA schools don't really care unless you have all your prerequisites, shadowing, volunteer, and patient care experience.
  6. Rev should this be given at the end of interview or a couple days after the interview
  7. If you applied to a school in one of those avoided states are you able to get your license in another state when graduation comes around?
  8. Just in case anyone looking for affordable shoes for their interviews Nordstrom having an awesome sale. I just got 55 percent off on these mini heels. Also thanks for the advice about Ann Taylor suits @hmtpnw . I'm hoping a nice labor day sale shows up online.
  9. Hi Ket good to see your input again! We have different views and that perfectly fine because that how the world is.Everything I’ve said has thousands of hour of research that backs up my beliefs as well as my own personal research. I don’t see any point of having any type of back and forth on a discussion over a forum where real change can’t happen. I’ll continue to work on reaching my goals as well educating individual through my volunteer and work settings. I’ve noticed the AAPA is looking for a new individual to be apart of their minority health committee so I hope whomever is understands how minorities actually feel in terms of trust in the health care field.No one is judging based on race like I stated in the post prior but like I said we see things differently. Components of how we were raised as well as what we experienced also take a role. These same components can either tear us apart or bring us together. Hopefully in the future we can all be more on the same page but it doesn’t make sense to write paragraphs on this forum to individuals who don’t really have any power in legislation or run any offices in general for change. Thank for your response though! I also agree the the assistant component in the job title in something that truly need to change because some patients I’ve told about the field thought it went along the same lines as a medical assistant job description. ( side note everyone need to be careful on daily basis on whatever their doing ? ) Also to agree with Topshotta these discussion are being made everyday. Either throughout universities, protest, and legislation. This isn’t something we can run away from. People want real change. If anyone who was reading this forum and felt that it was becoming an argument and my point wasn’t getting across I apologize. Passions are high on this topic as you can see because I’ve spoken to people first hand on how they feel about this topic. I’m hoping in the end we all learned alittle more.
  10. Please read above. I don't need to repeat myself. Also, @EMEDPA that a great idea. One of the volunteer organization I work under assist in providing care to lower-income communities. They have one NP and one MD. I really wish that a PA was working there to educate but as I'm obtaining vitals a lot of the patients ask me about my career goals. I take that time to educate them about the PA field to be the best of my ability.
  11. Please see above in the paragraph that spoke about me being an MA with over 2700 hours in different specialties. You don't know me or where I've been so you commenting on my view of the world can be thrown away.Anyway, I can't educate someone who mind isn't open. So this is a waste of time and energy. Good luck and please be safe on how you're treating your patients especially when a minority sits in your chair.
  12. I'm not sure when you last checked a program site for what admission board expects but component includes certain GPA, patient care experience, volunteering, shadowing, understanding of what the PA role entails of, and compassion(something they missed when they interviewing you). When he saying admission boards shouldn't lower their standards for minorities it talking about the above. He could have said admission boards shouldn't lower their standards in general but he said for minorities.
  13. I'm really saddened by the fact that you're a PA now. You make not care if the patients that come to see you don't take their medication but others do. Educating others is forever an important component but when certain minorities have grown for generations to not trust certain racial groups because of historical non-consented experiments, of course, their going have some issues. As an MA, I've had patients say racial things to me but I stand my ground and make sure they receive the best care. Not because I want to but because that my job and I love helping others. Everyone should have access to the best care by whomever they desire and during this process, we have the opportunity to educate them. As well as make them more open to see any racial group in the future. The patients who have shown racial tendencies to me have over time become fond of me. As well as asking for me when I'm outside the office. Instead of saying how they feel is "stupidity" take the time to learn. Also, he said that admission boards shouldn't lower their standards for minorities. Which fall into the component where he thinks all minorities have low GPAs, or maybe low patient care experience. I don't have time to educate you on basic comprehension but hopefully, you can take another moment to review on your own.
  14. Obviously, I'm giving an example for him saying that all minorities pretty much have low GPAs. Everyone throughout my pre-pa club works together in a team manner. We make suggestions for each other and study together because we all want whats best for each other. The face of the matter is that minorities are needed in the healthcare field whether you like it or not. There are thousands of minority patients who strongly do not trust providers that are not in their same racial category. This is causing some minority patients to not take prescribed medication and simply not go for yearly check-ups.
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