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  1. Hi Arely, I will look for you tonight when I get home from work so we can chat!
  2. Has anyone received an invitation for the Enrichment program. I received one last Friday and I have so many questions.
  3. I took a small notebook, pen, and a small purse. Didn't use the notebook, did use the pen. Didn't take a resume, didn't need one. Good luck!
  4. Never mind. Just double checked. I did receive a confirmation.
  5. No confirmation email, I didn't get one when I confirmed.
  6. Good Luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow. Go in there with confidence, you got this!
  7. Okay thank you! Good Luck and I hope we both make it...are you local or from out of state?
  8. Erika are you wearing pants or a skirt suit? I bought both and was thinking about wearing the skirt with the jacket but I read in a web site that a skirt was not recommended, ? they said it would distract the interviewers and that everyone should wear pants to be equals with the men. What do you think?
  9. Thank you and good luck to you too. I have been listening to a lot of videos, I have thought about what I am going to say but trying not to memorize stuff, and just practicing answering questions. Do you have an interview for the same day?
  10. Hi guys, I got my interview invite on Friday too. I am scheduled for Friday, Sept. 28. Anyone else scheduled for that day?
  11. Hi, Yes I had submitted it also. I found out already what was pending and took care of it. I am good to go now, I got my email already. Thank you!
  12. Oh no! You just made me very nervous because I didn't receive an such email and I submitted mine in July.
  13. Hello everyone! Have you guys been going to the Open Houses? There has been a lot of good information, I have gone to 3 of them already and wish I could go to this last one coming up on the 18th but I won't be able to, going out of town.
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