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  1. Got the call today! So thrilled to be attending this program!
  2. The waitlist moved a little today! I moved up 2 spots which is very encouraging. I got an email on Tuesday at the same spot so I was surprised to get that update this morning. For those already offered a seat from the December interview, how long did they give you to pay the deposit?
  3. This is my first time applying so it's also my first time on the waitlist. It looks like they went through number 6 last year but who knows. I'm really excited about this program as well! Here's to hoping we become classmates!
  4. #5 on the waitlist! There's still a chance! At the November 10th interview, Leah said they put all qualified applicants that they feel would be a good fit for the program on the waitlist so no idea how long it is. It seems like some years they have gone really deep, and others the list hardly moves at all. So we will see! Time for more waiting
  5. Best of luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow!!
  6. There are only 3 interview days, so 12/1 will be the last interview session this cycle.
  7. The email said that applicants on committee hold will be re-ranked within the applicant pool shortly after the last interview date. Applicants are then either be offered a seat or placed on the wait list. At the interview, Leah said that because Pacific isn't on rolling admissions, they won't fill all of the seats until everyone has interviewed. Pacific definitely seems to move quickly after interviews so I'm guessing within a week or so, but there are no specific dates.
  8. I got an email from Leah a few hours ago. I've been placed on committee hold I'm actually really pleased just to not be outright rejected. There's still definitely a chance!
  9. There's still hope! Good luck to those still waiting to hear about an interview. I'm anxiously awaiting the results of my interview last Saturday .
  10. Getting really nervous/excited for the interview this weekend! Who else will be interviewing on Saturday?
  11. mkimbe

    Interviews and Rejections

    I only applied to 2 programs this cycle (I know, but both schools were an exceptionally good fit for me) and just got a rejection last Wednesday. I have an interview with the second program next Saturday so all my eggs are in one basket. I learned so much applying this cycle that I know the areas I need to improve on assuming I don't get an acceptance, and I'll definitely be applying earlier!
  12. Got my rejection this afternoon. Good luck to everyone interviewing/waiting to hear back!
  13. Thank you for such a thorough response!
  14. Congrats!! What day are you interviewing? I'll be there on November 10th ?

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