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  1. Getting really nervous/excited for the interview this weekend! Who else will be interviewing on Saturday?
  2. mkimbe

    Interviews and Rejections

    I only applied to 2 programs this cycle (I know, but both schools were an exceptionally good fit for me) and just got a rejection last Wednesday. I have an interview with the second program next Saturday so all my eggs are in one basket. I learned so much applying this cycle that I know the areas I need to improve on assuming I don't get an acceptance, and I'll definitely be applying earlier!
  3. Got my rejection this afternoon. Good luck to everyone interviewing/waiting to hear back!
  4. Thank you for such a thorough response!
  5. Congrats!! What day are you interviewing? I'll be there on November 10th ?
  6. Sorry to hear that! It's such a competitive program, I'm sure it just came down to applying at the end of the cycle. Good luck if you're still waiting to hear back from other programs and thanks for being such an encouraging voice on this thread ?
  7. Thanks for the encouragement, I'm glad that I heard something at least! I was verified by CASPA on 8/8 and complete with OHSU on 8/16
  8. Welp, my application is on "hold for potential interview"... Got the email this morning. Definitely feeling disappointed, but trying to remain optimistic.
  9. How was the first round of interviews? I'm still anxiously awaiting to hear anything about my application ? it's been nearly 10 weeks since I got my "application complete" email
  10. I was complete with Pacific on 8/8 and I received an interview invite for 11/10 while it seemed like most people were still being invited to the 10/20 date. I wouldn't be discouraged as it seems like the date of submission has little to do with when an invite is extended or for which interview day. Good luck!
  11. Yes, I received an email from Pacific on the same day that I submitted both my CASPA and my supplemental application stating that my application was complete. Directly from the email (received 8/8/18): "Greetings from Pacific University in Hillsboro, Oregon! We have received your CASPA application as well as your Supplemental Application for our School of Physician Assistant Studies. We do not utilize a rolling admissions process and as a result, applicants may not learn of their status until after the September deadlines have passed and throughout the fall and winter. We appreciate your patience as we review the competitive applicant pool. We will communicate with everyone a final decision via email, but again it will probably not be until this fall. If you meet minimum GPA criteria, the earliest you could hear from us is mid September and the latest could be early December. Your application will be screened for minimum criteria and be forwarded to the Admissions Committee. They will review all parts of your application including, academics, patient care experience, letters of evaluation and personal essays. Interviews will be held in October, November and December and applicants will be notified via email of a final decision. The latest an applicant may hear from us is early December." Though it did not say specifically in the email that my application was complete, the subject line of the email read "Pacific University: Application Complete". Hopefully they get back to you ASAP!
  12. Got my interview invite today for November 10th!
  13. I was verified by CASPA on 8/8. Complete by OHSU on 8/18 and I haven't heard anything since then.
  14. Nothing yet, I doubt that they will start sending invitations on a Friday so I'm betting on next week. So close, yet so far!
  15. Same boat for me! Verified 8/8 so we probably have quite a while to wait ?

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