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  1. I was not accelerated when I got accepted, I had to request acceleration!
  2. I'm in the same exact situation! I'm just planning to go to my #2 which I got into as of now, but it would be really nice to be pulled off the waitlist! Time will tell!! Good luck to you too!
  3. Nothing yet! Based on when students heard back in the past few years, I'm guessing we'll hear back maybe this weekend at the very earliest. Good luck to everyone!!
  4. Thank you!! Yes, I submitted a supplemental application. I will be interviewing next Friday!
  5. Today I received an email invitation to interview at Daemen! I am very excited and good luck to everyone on hearing back soon!!
  6. Hi, I wanted to start this topic to see if anyone doing the MPH/MPA dual degree program is active on the forum! I hope to hear back soon!
  7. I have been accepted to Center City's MPA/MPH dual degree program! I was getting a bit worried since it's been about three weeks since my interview, but here we are! Congrats to everyone accepted so far and good luck to those waiting to hear more!
  8. I did! I interviewed already a week ago for both MPA and MPH and haven't heard back. I wasn't sure if this means hope is lost for acceptance, or if it will take a longer time since I applied for the dual degree.
  9. Interview Nov. 3 as well! Very exciting, congrats to everyone!!
  10. I'm having the same problem! However, I did get an email that they are "in receipt of my application" this morning. Not sure what's going on there.
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