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  1. I was accepted from the 10/1 interview today! Very excited!
  2. I interviewed this Monday, 10/15, in the afternoon.
  3. Also received an acceptance call yesterday and couldn't be more excited! We were told at my session they accept just a few up front, and after all interviews are complete (I think in November) they make the majority of acceptances and also wait list, etc. So definitely don't think that not hearing back yet is a rejection because they have many more seats to fill at the end of the interview sessions!
  4. Received an invite today, interviewing 10/15. Verified 6/5. Edit: there was a typo in my email confirmation but I followed up and the date is 10/15 ?
  5. Mine never got marked complete after over a month but I got my acceptance and they took my deposit so I wouldn't worry too much about it!
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