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  1. I initially found out that I was accepted through the student portal. Then I received an email, and then about a week later I received my acceptance letter in the mail.
  2. I checked my portal on Friday (11/9) and was accepted! Later that day I received an email from MCPHS-it was a general email about being accepted to the University but said to look out for an admission package in the mail soon! SO excited!
  3. I received an interview invite today as well! I submitted my CASPA in early June and just got an invite today! 11/1
  4. I still haven't heard anything from them, other than the verification in July. Does anyone know if they are still sending out interview invites? or if they have sent out rejection notices?
  5. I am interviewing on the 30th as well! Has anyone heard anything about the style of the interview?
  6. Received an invite to interview yesterday and I am registered for October 4th! It filled up so quickly! I am SO excited!!
  7. Hey guys! Thought I'd let you know that I interviewed on July 31st and exactly a week later on August 7th I received a call that I was accepted! I submitted on June 13th and was asked to interview on June 29th, in which I received a call with the invitation as well. The interview day is awesome, and goes by so quick! They really make you feel comfortable and just want to see who you are outside of paper. Hope this helps!
  8. Received an interview invite for september 21st/22nd! Got an email on 9/5 around 10am. I submitted on June 13th and was verified a few days later! So excited to interview!!!
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