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  1. When do they send out rejection letters? Thankfully I was accepted to another school but I think ATSU lost my application because I have heard from all of my schools except for ATSU...
  2. Is ATSU still interviewing? I still haven’t heard anything.
  3. Has anyone not heard back from ATSU since they applied? I applied in July so I was late but I have not heard anything one way or another. Wondered if I’m the only one. I realize it’s rolling admissions so I was probably a little too late.
  4. Has anyone else received their waitlist packet in the mail and if so where are you on the waiting list(approx)?
  5. Does anyone else know if they are accepting more students to their Boston class or is it full?
  6. Has anyone received an interview for Nov 19th yet?
  7. Just wondered how WESTERN U is going and do you still really like the school? Any suggestions on how to study for interview?

  8. How many invitations do you think went out for October 20? Does anyone know if they send all invites for that day at one time?
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