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  1. For us, there were just MMI stations. There was a group activity, but not the traditional group interview. Hope this helps!
  2. For us, there were just MMI stations. There was a group activity, but not the traditional group interview. Hope this helps!
  3. I was offered a spot from the waitlist this morning! So excited to be a part of UEPA
  4. Anyone who is here already - do you think it’s the front entrance or back?
  5. So happy for you, congrats! Did your email give any details or hints that any other spots would be opening up? Hoping for the best! ?
  6. Congrats to those of you accepted! Did they give you a time frame you had to accept by? Personally, I’m waitlisted at another school and I’m hoping for a spot to open up now that butler has started with their acceptances. ??
  7. Hey all! Congrats again to everyone that was accepted. I was talking with someone else on the waitlist today, and we realized that we were told from different people that the originally accepted group has different days they have to accept or decline their spot by. I heard October 8th but they heard October 1st. We were just hoping to hear some feedback on this to see what everyone was told! Thanks ?
  8. I also got waitlisted. But I’m not going to lose hope! I am so happy to just have some idea of my chances ? Just hoping for the best at this point because this is my top choice out of everywhere I applied.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am even more anxious now haha ??
  10. I literally gasped when I saw it pop up. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow ?
  11. I feel like I can't be the only person in this situation, but I also feel like its a unique one... I started a one year lease in June this year, but I'm hoping to attend a program across my state that starts in January. I haven't spoken with my leasing office yet because I'm just not sure how to approach the conversation. Has anyone else had success with this without getting charged for breaking a lease? I want to avoid this as much as possible, but I'm also not going to turn down an opportunity that will impact the rest of my life if it comes down to it. Thoughts?
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